Wallaces Office Furniture Workstation Desk Tops Specifications:

SKU Width Depth Height
T127 1200mm 700mm 25mm
T157 1500mm 700mm 25mm
T187 1800mm 700mm 25mm
T1818 1800 / 1800mm 700mm 25mm
T1812 1800 / 1200mm 700mm 25mm
T1515 1500 / 1500mm 700mm 25mm
T1212-12-7 1200 / 1200mm 700mm 25mm
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Workstation Desk Tops Features

  • E1 Enviroboard
  • 25mm Tops
  • Cable Entry Ports


SC Desk Bracket

  • Bracket to Fasten Top to Screen
  • Use 2 per Straight Desk
  • Use 4 per Corner Workstation
  • Use 1 per Return Screen


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