Single Sided Workstations with Screens


SKU Persons Desk Width Desk Depth
ILLSWS1P127 1 Person 1200mm 700mm
ILLSWS2P127 2 Person 1200mm 700mm
ILLSWS3P127 3 Person 1200mm 700mm
ILLSWS1P157 1 Person 1500mm 700mm
ILLSWS2P157 2 Person 1500mm 700mm
ILLSWS3P157 3 Person 1500mm 700mm
ILLSWS1P187 1 Person 1800mm 700mm
ILLSWS2P187 2 Person 1800mm 700mm
ILLSWS3P187 3 Person 1800mm 700mm
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  • Create Runs of Any Length
  • Recessed Intermediate Leg Creates Full Leg Access
  • Loop End Leg for Premium Finish
  • Double Support Rail for Extra Strength
  • E1 Enviroboard


  • White or Beech Tops


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